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Highly Accurate Medical Intuitive ~ Whale and Dolphin Whisperer ~ Product Development Consultant ~ Correcting DNA and Genes ~ Friend of the Dolphins and Whales
In a Nutshell...
Welcome to a
fun website,
where dolphins play,
and where
medical intuition
expands into some
new and interesting

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Happy Whale Whispers

Hello and Welcome!
Joy McEntire
is highly medical intuitive,
with an extensive understanding of
the body, anatomy, physiology,
biology, chemistry, proteins,
DNA, and more.

She provides consultations internationally,
for people of all ages, both in-person and via video chat.

Also known as The Joyful Healer,
she is very experienced with
helping people to find amazing answers
to their medical questions.

Happy Whale Whispers...
... so why the website name "Happy Whale Whispers"
for someone who is medically intuitive?
Joy is also
a whale and dolphin whisperer

She communicates with dolphins and whales.

You’ll find many fascinating
journal entries about Joy’s adventures,
first with the dolphins,
and then with the whales, who joined in, in 2016.

The dolphins
tell their own stories,
and Joy’s information
about the whales
needs to be heard by many,
including scientists
and others who might be willing to help.

Here are some
of her very interesting adventures.

Christ Energy
is the most
amazing thing...

See the Christ Energy page

The Colors...
You're probably wondering about all the pink and purple...
It's not just a "girl thing"!
Actually, it's a "frequency thing"
... and it's all energy!
The darker colors are too heavy
and dense to be aligned with
all this Love!
The Ones would have Joy choose white text on a white background, but, well...  it's a little easier to read when there's at least some color!
So pink is next best...
and purple is there to keep the rest of you happy...

The Angels Say...
ASK for more angels
in your life!
Each time you ask for more angels in your life, you will receive more angels!
They want to be with us, but we have to ask! Know that every time you receive more angels, your aura "grows in love" (and becomes lighter, clearer and larger).

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